If you follow me on Insta, you probably know of my current obsession with marjoram. It started because my Emotional Aromatherapy book talks about people developing barriers in their relationships due to harsh life experiences, and how marjoram reveals these barriers and helps them develop trust and increase warmth. I thought of my husband who had a very traumatic, difficult childhood that lacked real connection and how using marjoram could help to heal his heart.

So I added marjoram to my next LRP order and when it came I began diffusing it daily mixed with balance and wild orange. It created such a calming environment and literally family relationships felt stronger and more connected. I then had the idea to start diluting marjoram and putting it on my very loud, emotional daughter during the beginning stages of a meltdown. I’ll admit I was wary at first, but I knew the power of oils and I’d seen the benefits of marjoram, so I gave it a shot.

It was kinda like magic for her. The calming effect was instantaneous. She was still upset, still crying, but on a controlled level, not over the top, not screaming, it never reached full meltdown status. Obviously I knew it could be a one time thing, so I tried it again the next time and the next, and every time I used marjoram, the meltdowns were stilled.

But then life happened, and I forgot about marjoram for a bit. And the meltdowns started back up, family-life felt more chaotic, things just felt different. After a couple weeks my LRP order was delivered and there it was, another beautiful brown bottle of marjoram. And I was like, oh yeah, marjoram, my BFF.

Back to diffusing, back to applying during meltdowns, and seriously, back to peace and connection. I will not forget marjoram again. The changes in the atmosphere of our home and our relationships is incredible.

So that’s it. That’s the story. If you have marjoram, use it. If you have a dōTERRA wholesale account but don’t have it, order it. If you don’t have a dōTERRA account, contact me and get one. Because you need marjoram as well as all the oils for all the things!


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