You guys, remember when I wrote that post that Scary Mommy published? And I had to tell myself a million times NOT to read the comments on Facebook. And then I DID read the comments on Facebook. And I was like, why oh why did I read the comments on Facebook.

I’ve lost my voice since then. I just stopped writing about parenting. And then I did this totally stupid thing on Insta, I polled my audience about what they prefer I post about. And only half liked my parenting posts. And I was again just taken aback and confused.

It’s strange to be that person who claims to not care what others think and find yourself caring about what others think. Find yourself silencing your own voice because people don’t get you or don’t agree with you or whatever. And you kind of walk around in a haze because something is missing from your life, and it’s this thing that you’re the most passionate about, and you feel kind of like a shadow of yourself.

I don’t know why our passions are such a necessary part of who we are and why we feel less than whole when we stifle them, but that’s kinda how it is. I think God gives us these passions and we’re supposed to nurture them, to do something with them, and that’s why so many adults are unfulfilled, because they neglect their passions for the sake of being grown up and working. In true millennial fashion, I believe you can work on what you’re passionate about and be incredibly successful.

So I will. And I’m not going to care about Facebook comments or Instagram preferences. I’m going to do my thing. I’m going to talk about why we should be respectful to our kids and give them a voice, why we shouldn’t punish them, and why we need all the freaking essential oils to help us out.

And when you want my help, I’m going to be here to answer your questions, and I’m going to refresh my coaching page so you know what I cost. Because guys, this gentle parenting journey is hard. And if you’re a Christian like I am, it’s exceptionally hard, because it’s least accepted among Christians. But we’ve gotta keep on because the way we raise our kids can change the world. And I’ve gotta keep on because when I don’t share my heart, I suck.


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