I’m Amy. I have a husband and eight kids, intentionally. I homeschool them.  We live in California, a half hour drive from the ocean. It’s kind of an annoying thing, being so close to the ocean that you want to be there everyday, and yet far enough that packing up seven kids (because one lives in Oregon, just graduated college) to drive there is a huge ordeal and so you don’t do it all that often.

I write, I read (a lot), I knit, I do mom stuff. And I offer gentle parenting coaching and classes, and I’m a doTERRA wellness advocate.

From others…

”Amy brought me to tears and really confirmed what has been on my heart about our home atmosphere. I finally feel overwhelming peace about changes and I’m so excited about it. I had read Simplicity Parenting several times but have never been so struck by my unhealthy need to earn my children’s love through gifts and material things like I was through (working with Amy).” – A.M.

“I grew up in an incredibly oppressive home where spanking and having your mouth washed out with soap were the daily norm. I was oppressed in every way imaginable and never had a voice. (Amy) has helped and encouraged me beyond what I can express, helping bring me healing through giving my children the gift of peace and room to be who they are.” – H.H.

”Amy has helped me feel at ease moving forward with changes in our atmosphere and family. I have such gratitude for her.” -S.M.